How to keep homeschooling after COVID

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If you fell in love with homeschooling during the pandemic, but you’re not sure how to keep going, this is a good place to start.

When we withdrew our preschool contract due to COVID, and decided to keep our four-year-old son at home to learn with me… I thought I would hate homeschooling. Would I be horrible? Surely he would never want me (nay, wouldn’t even ALLOW me) to be his teacher. Every day, I thought with dread, would be a never-ending battle of tantrums and begging him through tears to learn something, anything.

And then we actually started homeschooling. I wholeheartedly admit, there are some very rough days. There have been many tears and tantrums (though how much of that is trying to homeschool a willful four year old, and how much of it is due to being swept up in a global pandemic? I have yet to make that Venn diagram).

I’m a problem-solver and a passionate mom.

When my alphabet curriculum didn’t hold his attention, I went to the internet for resources on how to homeschool. I found a wealth of hands-on activities that grabbed him, engaged him… Suddenly, he was learning and having FUN. Plus, I felt like a great mom and a great teacher. Which was a confidence boost I needed. It’s hard to feel like a great mom in quarantine.

On a bit of a whim, I found myself reading The Well-Trained Mind (if you’re not familiar, here is a brief synopsis).

How to Keep Homeschooling After COVID
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I had a startling thought: I want to keep homeschooling. The desire burned in me to give my kids a world-class education!

They can have individual attention and custom-tailored lessons that might make learning truly enjoyable. And what if that love of learning opened a world of doors for them? What if they went on to earn postgraduate degrees, cure diseases, save the planet?

I’m not unique in my desire to see my kids be WILDLY successful. But what I hadn’t really considered was how much of a hand I could have, personally, in that success. I can give my kids a lot more attention than a teacher with 24 other kids to deal with.

All of a sudden, I realized my feelings had completely changed. I want to learn how to homeschool. I want to change my kids’ lives with an amazing education!

The world of knowledge is at our fingertips! Between the multitudes of online platforms, programs, curricula, tutors… forget a world-class education. Our kids can have the WORLD. We can open their eyes to the great social injustices of our times. We can teach them how to save our dying planet. And what a chance to showcase the people who’ve been largely ignored by the history books (and the books in general)!

But how to homeschool? That is the question!

Now, more than anything else, I crave the opportunity to teach my kids everything that I missed out on in my public education.

In more far-reaching moments, I fantasize about them gratefully thanking me through tears for all their success in life as they accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

But, in all seriousness…

What if “all” I achieve in the next 10-18 years is a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, science, history, geography, language, the arts, and whatever their individual passions steer them towards? Isn’t that an incredible gift unto itself? Wouldn’t that be an invaluable investment in their future?

It’s going to be an uphill battle. When I told him I want to homeschool our kids, my husband just stared at me. He’s completely skeptical of the whole thing. And I don’t even want to think about the looks on my parents’ faces when I tell them I want to homeschool their precious grandchildren.

Don’t worry, though- I have a plan. It’s going to be a lot of work. But if I can put this argument together, if I can get everybody not only accepting of our decision, but on board and excited… then I can help you get there, too. We can take this plunge together. If you’re a mom who wants to know how to homeschool, but has no idea how to tell the people in her life, then I’m your gal. And this blog will take us every step of the way!

If you’re interested, keep reading: My spouse doesn’t want to homeschool, what do I do?

How to Keep Homeschooling After COVID
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