Five Things I’m Really Excited to do in our First Year of Homeschool

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Homeschool planning is in full swing, and I don’t know about you but I’m loving it. I live to plan, it’s one of the great joys of my life. And creating our first year of homeschool curriculum has been one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had. Here are the five things that have me counting down the seconds until the first day of homeschool!

Poetry Tea Time in our Homeschool
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Our First Year of Homeschool Will Include:

1. Poetry Tea Time!

Julie Bogart’s The Brave Learner is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read. Her descriptions of poetry tea time- from homemade scones to lush, vivid poetry, leave me absolutely salivating. I can’t wait for us to incorporate this into our Saturday School routine (more about that in a future post!), and to have my husband join in as well! And, for sure I’ll be borrowing my mom’s lemon blueberry scone recipe! Our first poetry volume will be the Random House Book of Poetry for Children.

2. Astronomy Unit complete with backyard camp outs!

Time for us to invest in that tent! While the weather is still nice, we’ll be working through several different short astronomy texts from Usborne Books and More (look for these recommendations in another post)! Then, we’ll take our book knowledge outside at bedtime- with lots of bug spray- to take a look at the sky; both in our backyard and probably at a nearby campground as well! I can’t wait to see my husband get as excited as our kids, he’s a real science nerd at heart!

Morning Baskets
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3. Morning Baskets/ Activity Trays

Our first year of homeschool will be a fascinating mix of ideas, and this one is a staple of many homeschool households. After we finish morning chores, we’ll tromp back down to the kitchen table and set to work on our writing exercises. My oldest will be using a variety of copywork from different sources, my preschooler will be doing his Zaner-Bloser handwriting pages, and my toddler will be doing her own special thing! I’m hoping this will be a chance for me to work on a project of my own as well- either a handcraft or some french copywork! I don’t anticipate this to be my kids‘ favorite part of our day. But I think it will be mine!

4. Our ROCKIN’ history and literature curriculum!

I plan to use the basic framework of the Well-Trained Mind to construct our history and literature units; however, we’ll actually be starting with pre-history because… well, do you know a single preschooler who doesn’t looooooove dinosaurs?! Me, either. Then, as we get into human history, our literature curriculum will kick in. Ancient Egyptian gods and Greek Myths… it’s going to be an amazing feast of stories and culture. I absolutely can’t wait!

5. Nature Units inspired by Charlotte Mason

If you haven’t already seen this, you absolutely must- Raising Little Shoots has a terrific homeschool planner with a pre-filled calendar of year-round nature units. It’s not a secular resource, but it’s well worth the $5 price tag. One of the things I most want to take advantage of as a homeschooling family is our ability to be outdoors as much as possible. I’m not a naturally outdoorsy person but I know how important it is for children. And my two youngest positively live to be outdoors. So, we will do as many nature units as possible, until the snow and freezing weather drive us indoors.

And that’s my first year of homeschool perks list!

What are YOU excited about? What do you still need help with? Please, leave a comment and tell me what you’re planning! I can’t wait to hear!

Five Things I'm Really Excited to do in our First Year of Homeschool
Yuganov Konstantin/

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